. C.N. ROMARM S.A. –S.C. MECHANICAL  PLANT MIJA  BRANCH is a unit of large proportions (32 hectars – terrain and buildings) set up in 1938 under the name of The Romanian Mechanical and Chemical Enterprise Mija, as a joint company. One of the founding members was the famous scholar Elie Carafoli who, together with some other members, created the basis of the mechanical plant Mija in an economic and political context that imposed major changes upon the Romanian industry.


The goal for which it was built was that of producing aircraft bombs and chargers for plane machine guns,  products which were made during the war.

The plant has undergone many stages of development,  assimilating under licence such products as hand grenades, anti-tank grenades, spare parts for tanks, aircraft bombs, subassemblies of armoured personnel carriers.

In addition, there have been assimilated in the special production line subassemblies and spare parts for the civil economy.

The year 1989 represented a crossroads for the whole country of Romania, politically, economically, socially, fact which led to important changes in the defence industry. Thus in 1991 the plant was re-organised as a component of the RATMIL R.A., in 1998 it became the branch office of S.N.ROMARM S.A, and since 2001 the unit has been functioning as a branch of the National Company ROMARM


U.M. Mija is presently functioning as a branch of the National Company Romarm S.A. in which runs a large part of the Romanian defence industry.

A strong aspect of U.M Mija is that the line of special production is also used for civil products.

The unit’s goal is to satisfy the market with quality products and services, by using the available abilities, in the benefit of the industrial development and of the interested sides.

Management philosophy

U.M Mija is a company keen on fulfilling its goals in managerial strategy, which strives to give feedback to customers’ needs through product demands and quality services at appropriate prices, carefully administrating human resources.

U.M. Mija is attached to the competition principles of the free market. It appreciates, at the same time, a much wider socio-political view, economic and ecological in which the society works.

Strong points

Competence and force are the basis for U.M.Mija. They come from combining the three independent individual pillars including trained work force, fit for the fabrication profile. The existing capacities offer the possibility of easily adapting to the groups of products of the unit. The unit has a well known name, consolidated in 75 years of activity in the fabrication of both special products and some groups of civil products (mini tractor and accessories, spare parts for rolling stock, spare parts for trucks and farm tractors).


The designing, production , assembling and service capability for products of military technique and civil in the railway, road and farming rises up to legal demands and practical regulations being recognised by authorised organisms, such as CERT IND - the quality of the products according to ISO 9001:2000.


Name: National Company Romarm S.A. - S.C. MECHANICAL  PLANT MIJA BRANCH>

Main field of activity : code CAEN 2540 – Fabrication of weaponry and ammunition

Number of registration at the Commerce Registration Office: J15/330/05.12.2001

CUI: RO 2978636

Capital: 3,245,072.50 RON

The investor's chart: the stocks are the propriety of the Romanian state through C.N.Romarm. S.A


 ing. SORIN CRISTESCU  General Manager
 ing. OVIDIU HANGANU  Deputy Manager
 ing. MIHAI MARIN  Production Manager
 ec. GHEORGHE GHEORGHE  Accountancy Manager
 ing. PETRE VALENTIN  Quality Inspector
 ing. GHEORGHE MATACHE  Chief Engineer

IBAN Codes:

 RO19RNCB2530000000190001  BCR Moreni

 RO71RNCB2500000000170001  BCR Târgoviste


 judetul Dâmbovita, comuna I.L. Caragiale, Soseaua Ploiesti-Târgoviste, DN 72 Km.33+145, cod postal 137255