Turning shop equipped with automatic turret lathe mono axis and multi axis for processing parts of up to 60mm diameter and 200 mm long from drawn steel rod or non ferrous materials.

Manufacturing shop with universal tool machines of the following type:

Numerically-controlled lathes which can process parts of up to 200mm and 700mm long.
CNC boring-milling machines for transmission houses with a gauge of 500x500x700 mm.
Centre lathes which can process parts of up to 700mm and 1,500mm long.
Gear cutting machines with bevel tooth gear , involute tooth gear and gleason  toothing for manufacturing gear wheels, splined shafts of pitches up to 10 mm, 300mm diameter and 600mm long.
Universal milling machines which can process in two flat surfaces with sizes of up to 300x1,000mm.
Inner, outer and universal grinding machines which can process parts of up to 400mm diameter and 1,000 mm long.
Drawing and clicker mechanical presses with16tf 100tf stress which can  process plates of up to 4mm thick and sizes of up to 300 mm.
Horizontal broaching machines which can process holes of up to 100mm and 150mm thick with grooved wedges of up to 24mm wide.
Beam drills which can process holes of up to 40mm with distances between the holes of up to 700mm.
Boring-drilling-milling machine with coordinate table which can process parts of up to 1,500mmx1,000mmx800mm.
Thread-grinder machines of up to 250mm diameter and 800mm long.
Coiled wire spring rolling machines of up to 2.5mm and outer spring sizes from 2mm to 20mm.
Thread rolling machines with diameters from M6 to M20.
Hob-type cutter grinding machines up to pitch 10.
Spline grinder for parts sized up to1,500mm.



- vertical electrically heated furnaces EBNER type - maximum burden/unit 400kg  

- vertical electrically heated furnaces AICHELIN type  for nitradation with a maximum capacity of 600kg        

-other facilities for annealing, soaking, carburizing, carbonitradation, gas-case nitradation, quenching-tempering, sandblast cleaning.


Hydraulic presses of 50tf; 80tf; 100tf; 160tf  for processing parts of thermo rigid mixture compression moulding: bakelite, FAF, AG-4 of various sizes and of maximum weight up to 300g and vulcanization of rubber parts of 200g maximum (rings, sylphons, sleeves)
 Injection moulding machines for  polyethylene of high and low density used to manufacture parts of up to 50g weight.



Process lines of small and medium lot which can coat parts of the following shapes and sizes:

Possible processes:

cadmium plating, hard-chromium plating, copper plating, tin plating, zinc plating, silvering, browning, parkerizing, eloxation, nickel plating.              



The workshop is equipped with machines and tools which can manufacture  parts of raw timber of the type: boxes, pallets, brackets, alongside with semi-finished products (rustic mini furniture).

Equipment: wood milling cutters, planers, thickeners, turning saws, swing cut-off saws, drilling machines.


Physical-chemical metrological laboratory where the following processes can be carried out:

The tests run are accepted  by AFER, CERT IND.