Products and Services

Military Equipment

Civil Industry


Dismantling and demilitarisation

Dismantling services for:

  • anti tank rounds
  • grenades (offensive, defensive, multifunctional or tear gas)
  • CC38-FL 38mm tear gas shells
  • 26mm reactive signaling rounds
  • 26mm illuminating reactive rounds

Demilitarisation services for:

  • infantry weapons
  • armored carriers
  • artillery weapons
  • tanks
  • anti-aicraft weaponry

Technological capabilities - economic sector

  • Mechanical machining: turning on CNC machines, milling machines CNC 3 ÷ 5 axes (grooves, evolving teeth), flat grinding Ø inside and outside, broaching, threading, spring springs.
  • Thermal and thermochemical treatments: normalization, cementation, carbonitration, nitration in the gaseous medium, improvements (quenching), sandblasting.
  • Plastics processing.
  • Galvanic coatings: cadmium, hard chrome plating, copper plating, tinning, galvanizing, silvering, brining, phosphating, anodising and nickel plating.
  • Metrological services: mechanical tests (resilience, pressure, mechanical shock, traction, metallographic determinations, chemical composition analysis of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, pressure measurements, temperatures, hardness, electrical quantities.